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The power of our thoughts

Why Are Affirmations So Powerful?

Because we are always talking to ourselves, even when we think we aren’t. This inner talk is in the form of dialogues AND affirmations. The dialogues usually have a few affirmations embedded in it. It goes like this:

“Oh, I forgot to call Mark! My memory is terrible.”
“Tomorrow is the job interview, I’m scared to death.”
“The doctor told me to lose ten pounds. He doesn’t know how hard it is for me to lose weight.”

As you can see, each of the phrases above contains a negative affirmation.

Unfortunately, the mind interprets these affirmations literally and actually converts them to specific instructions. During the course of a day, we have thousands of inner dialogues. If most of these have a pessimistic tone, imagine how negatively our minds are being programmed.

If you are a positive person by nature, you may find it hard to believe that some people can spend most of their waking time thinking self-destructive thoughts, but that is a sad reality. And, nowadays, due to environmental, social and economic factors, most people rehearse at least a few hundred negative thoughts each day.

These thoughts, as time goes, form your “core frequency”, that is, the state in which you find yourself more frequently. The frightening part is; your core frequency will dictate your experiences in the external world.

Have you ever heard about the “accident-prone” person, or the one who just attracts aggressive people, or those who seem to fail at everything they do?

There’s obviously a pattern that can be found in the thinking process of these “low frequency” people. If they analyze their inner dialogues, and visualizations, they will comprehend why they keep on attracting negative situations in their lives.

It is general consensus that negative dialogues and affirmations originate from past experiences and our upbringing. Past programming is the foundation of who we are today. The good news, however, is that we don’t necessarily have to search and dig the subconscious for traumatic past events or situations that caused the harmful programs in the first place.

The human mind works at a quantum level where time and space become irrelevant, just concepts that do not impose the order of events and experiences. That’s why we can explain a trauma or phobia, for example.

The strong reactions that we have to a phobic stimulus are, on the surface, unjustifiable. How come do I have to sweat and tremble every time I see a snake, even if it is inside a cage, or in a movie? The answer is; because my subconscious mind is reliving the actual “snake bite scene” as if it was happening NOW. And so it goes with any trauma or phobia. The original event still exists at a quantum level of consciousness, and its reactivation by a stimulus will make the body react accordingly. All the notions of time and space become invalid at that moment. The body reacts as if it IS really experiencing the situation in the present.

So, to repair the effects of negative past conditioning, we must work at the level in which it was created in the first place, that is, the causal realm of consciousness.

Enter Affirmations

Affirmations have the power to weaken the energy field of a negative habit, trauma or phobia, and, eventually transform its polarity. That is why mental imagery and affirmations are becoming so popular, even among traditional health practitioners.

Back to the snake example, if I were to start affirming: “I feel calm and peaceful in the presence of snakes”, I would be first challenging, then “confusing” my subconscious mind. This process, with time, would act upon the quantum level of consciousness and actually modify my memory of the traumatic event (the bite).

In the book “I deserve love”, by Sondra Ray, she shares the experience of several of her sexual therapy clients who overcame their problems just by using affirmations. She did not have to take them through remembering past events or traumas. All she did was to give affirmations that counteracted their beliefs and thoughts at that moment.

I myself have been using affirmations since I learned it from my first mental science teacher in Brazil. The results still surprise me sometimes. Following I will share some of the META affirmations I give to my “holistic consulting” clients, as well as the best way to perform this wonderfully psychotherapeutic exercise.

Affirmations vs. Visualization

Before we continue, I just want to answer a question that I am asked over and over again. Many people inquire about the power of affirmations compared to full visualization of their goals.

My personal opinion is that we should start our mental reprogramming practice with affirmations. Why, many people aren’t able to visualize their goals clearly, especially if they are in a negative frequency. Besides, affirmations are easy to do, anytime, anywhere. It also does not require you to close your eyes or go into “alpha” state.

Once you have practiced the affirmation as I share in this chapter, they will become like “anchors”, so, just by remembering the phrase, you will enter in the desired frequency and state of mind. Once that specific frequency becomes part of your consciousness, it is yours forever.


Before going into details, I want you to try something very easy. Stop for a moment and start saying to yourself mentally:

“I am feeling GREAT!”

Do it for about 30 seconds or so.

If you repeat the affirmation above, two things may happen; first, you may actually start feeling an overall sense of wellbeing (whatever GREAT means for you). Secondly, you may receive subconscious feedback in the form of challenging thoughts that go like this:

“No, I’m NOT feeling any “great” at this moment”
“I am depressed”
“This is not true”, etc.

The two reactions are normal, specially the second one, when you have been in a negative frequency for too long. As you will experience, after a longer period of repeating such a phrase, the negative challenges will start to be less frequent, until they are completely overcome by the new “instructions”.

It is simple, isn’t it? The most powerful techniques of Applied Psycho-Energetics are simple, so simple that many people underestimate it.

The only way for you to really experience the power of positive affirmations is through dedicated practice until you can feel the benefits. They may come almost immediately, or they may materialize in a few days or weeks. No matter how long it takes for a new affirmation to become part of your consciousness, it is worth the effort.

I have successfully used the simple exercise above (“I am feeling GREAT!” Affirmation) to help people recover from major hangovers, ease pains and headaches, alleviate tension, etc.

Once people realize that no “complex 100-step elicitation techniques”, or “hidden practices” are needed to alleviate their past programming, they become addicted to the simplicity of affirmations and start taking charge of their thinking processes. This consequently leads to the higher state of consciousness that is so sought after by neophytes.

But, before entering the realm of higher states of consciousness, let’s take care of our more “mundane” needs.

The first step in “affirmation engineering”, is to have a powerful phrase to practice. Below I will provide you with a few phrases that I call META affirmations. They are general statements that have been used by many of my private and distant clients. These META affirmations have consistently delivered positive results, and are more than enough to keep you busy for a couple of months.

Affirmation for general well-being and health:

“Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better” (This is the famous phrase taught by Emile Coue, called by some “the father of self-suggestion.)

Affirmation for an improved self-image:

“I love myself, and I have the ability to recognize my worth as a human being” (From “Secrets of Personal magnetism Revealed”).

Affirmation for health and rejuvenation:

“My health is PERFECT, and each day I become healthier and younger”

Affirmations for a prosperity consciousness:

“I easily make $________ a week/month/year, and all my needs are well taken care of.”
(Fill in with the amount that you desire)

“I am open to the infinite universal supply, and I see opportunities everywhere I look.”

Affirmation for peace:

“I now live in peace with myself and everything around me”

Affirmation for forgiveness:

“I forgive myself and all people who may have contributed to _______________” (state the problem in the blank line)

Now that you have a few affirmations, I’ll teach you a simple practice to multiply its power and speed its materialization in your life.

Along my years of working with affirmation engineering, I found out that WRITING the affirmations helps multiply its power. My theory is that by writing, we are engaging several aspects of our consciousness.

When we write an affirmation, we are using our kinesthetic system, which could be a form of programming at a cellular level. We also use our sight, by reading the affirmation over and over again. We use our auditory system, by silently repeating the phrase, and finally, we use our imagination, for many people think about or visualize their goals along the process.

We are actually focusing our whole system during the process of writing an affirmation, which, in my view, is what helps us to multiply its power.

I usually advise my clients to use their own handwriting, although Mrs. Ray (“I deserve love”) suggests that we could use a typewriter or computer. I personally believe that handwriting is more effective; however, you should try whatever feels better for you.

You should try to write your affirmation at least ten times a day. If possible, write it ten times in the morning, and ten times in the evening, for quicker results.

You can definitely repeat the phrase mentally several times during the day; however, the writing part is essential. Do not underestimate the power of this simple practice; it will most certainly take your Psycho-Energetic reprogramming routine to a higher level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a piece of paper and a pen and start redesigning your destiny.

Prosperity Beliefs

By this point, you understand that the key secrets to attracting unlimited prosperity lie within your belief systems. Whatever you believe about yourself affects practically everything in your life. Obviously, there is more to attracting prosperity than just working with your belief systems, but please understand that your belief systems are the most important aspect of attracting anything into your life.

That’s why it is absolutely critical that you do everything you can to shape your beliefs into whatever pattern you wish to create in your life. And since we know that you want to create prosperity in your life, the following beliefs will serve you better than anything else.

Within the next few chapters, you will discover various ways that you can alter your belief systems to create greater prosperity in your life. As you work with each of those ideas, you will want to focus on the following list of beliefs.

1. There are no limits.
2. Money is immaterial.
3. There is unlimited potential for growth.
4. Prosperity is natural.
5. I am worthy.
6. Abundance is my right.
7. I can get anything I want.
8. Everything I want is already on it's way to me now.
9. It's ALL Good. Life is Wonderful! la vida es buena " Llarod Hernaiz"
10. Ideas & information are worth much more than labor or possessions.
11. God is helping me.
12. I am destined for greatness.
13. Only the best will do.
14. I enjoy learning and improving myself.
15. I agree with Abraham Lincoln who said "If I only had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 4 hours sharpening the axe."
16. I constantly strive for excellence.
17. I enjoy trying new things.
18. I stretch my abilities by putting myself into situations where I need to perform at a higher level.
19. I have an infinite potential for learning.
20. I can learn and understand anything.
21. I do my best to give the world what it needs most.
22. The more I benefit the world, the more prosperous I become.
23. My prosperity is a garden that I tend to regularly.
24. I eliminate all risks by preparing myself as well as I can.
25. There is no such thing as luck. Luck is simply the result of conditions that may be controlled.
26. I am the only one in control over my destiny. I am at no-one's mercy.
27. I am the center of the universe. Everything revolves around me.
28. I work to create income streams.
29. There is no limit to the number of income streams I may have.
30. Selling my time or labor is very limiting. I only have so much time to sell.
31. I create businesses that continue to earn a profit after I move off to other things.
32. I create my income sources quickly so that I may be more prosperous.
33. I limit my expenses while I create my income sources so that I may build my prosperity stronger.
34. Luxuries are fine when there is enough income to support them.
35. I enjoy the challenge of creating new things.
36. I like other people. I want to do what I can to make them happy.
37. I seek to understand the world and the people in it.
38. The more I understand, the more prosperous I become.
39. Understanding and wisdom are the foundations upon which I build my world.
40. If I don't have what I need, I can get it from someone else.
41. If I don't know something, I can find the information from somewhere or someone.
42. If I can't do a thing, I can find someone who can do it.
43. I can hire other people to do the work that needs to be done.
44. I can build a successful business even though I know nothing about it, since I can hire others who do know.
45. I would rather utilize 1% of the efforts of 1000 people than to use 100% of my own efforts.
46. As a leader, I am more powerful.
47. I can do bigger things with a team.
48. People want to be led; they feel more secure when following a good leader.
49. I lead others because that is what must be done in order to accomplish my goals.
50. Meet others where they are, in thought and in beliefs. Only by starting there may I lead them to a better way of thinking.
51. People respond when they feel that it is in their best interests to do so.
52. People cooperate when they feel that the benefits to them are worth the effort.
53. He who controls the mind is more powerful than he who only controls the body.
54. No matter how I feel, I project an image of confidence and authority.
55. Others respond to the image I project to them, not to my inner feelings.
56. The more confident I appear, the more I am able to persuade others.
57. Be relaxed around others. They sense the relaxation and relax themselves.
58. A man on a mission will not be stopped.
59. I commit myself to my goals 100%.
60. If the cause is worthy, I will never quit. I am not a quitter.
61. If I leave myself no way out, I will work harder.
62. To get others to work harder, inspire them to a higher purpose.
63. I show my team how valuable their work is.
64. Everything I want in life, I must get with the help of other people.
65. No one can do everything alone.
66. When I understand people, I am able to get more of what I want.
67. Anyone can go after the quick buck. It's much better to go after long term success.
68. People want things that they know other people want.
69. When something is in demand, the demand for it goes up.
70. People are easier to lead when they feel important.
71. If I can imagine myself doing something, I am halfway there.
72. The feelings of love and confidence within me act as a magnet for prosperity and all things good.
73. I get the sum total of my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
74. What I focus upon, I magnify in my life.
75. I maintain my focus upon the things I do want, not on the things I do not want.
76. I use creative daydreaming to train my mind to focus on the things I want.
77. There is always a way to learn more.
78. If someone needs to be antagonized, get someone else to do it.
79. The world gives me what I expect. I expect only the best.
80. There is always enough of the things I want, they come into my life without effort or thought.
81. I experience the equivalent of the thoughts and feelings I focus upon.
82. Focusing on positive thoughts and feelings will bring positive experiences.
83. Focusing on negative thoughts and feelings will bring negative experiences.
84. The past does not determine the future.
85. The point of Power is here and now.
86. I have the Power to determine the future.
87. The only failure is the failure to try.
88. As long as I continue to try, everything that did not work out as expected is only a learning experience.
89. When I have all the information I need to make a decision, I make that decision quickly and stand behind it to the end.
90. Quality always ends up being cheaper.
91. I can save money by buying something that costs twice as much but lasts three times longer.
92. Buying only the cheap stuff is false economy.
93. I love money.
94. I enjoy having money.
95. I feel good when I have money.
96. I am at peace with all people.
97. I completely forgive the human failings of others and myself.
98. I learn from those who know more than I so that I may duplicate their results.
99. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are powerful prosperity generators.
100. Anticipating future needs gives me the ability to prepare for rich rewards.
101. Being prepared is more than just a credo; it is a means to winning!
102. Any time wasted on indecision or anxious doubt costs me dearly.
103. God is very good to me.
104. I fulfill a vital function in the world.
105. God has made me as I am for a reason.
106. I have been put on this Earth for a purpose.
107. I have wonderful talents that may be used for great prosperity.
108. I act with confidence and Power.
109. Answers come to me quickly and easily.
110. The wisdom of God leads me along paths of truth and prosperity.
111. I love all of mankind.
112. Everyone has the potential to teach me something.
113. I can learn from every situation I encounter.
114. My mind perceives everything around me that may be used as an opportunity for greater prosperity.
115. I have a good mind.
116. My memory is good and improves day by day.
117. I think clearly and make sound judgments.
118. I keep my mind and body free from all poisons.
119. I abhor all forms of substance abuse and do not tolerate it.
120. I refuse to spend any time dwelling on negative thoughts.
121. I maintain my self-control and do not overindulge my appetites.
122. The first 15% of a process is the most important.
123. Make a good start, and the rest of the process will be easier.
124. Money is good. I love having money.
125. I make sure to have enough money on hand to pay all my expenses ahead of time.
126. I refuse to only 'get by'. I make sure to have more than enough.
127. I enjoy seeing my money grow.
128. Earning money feels good to me.
129. I am getting richer every day.
130. I am learning how to be more and more prosperous.
131. I have a unique purpose in the world.
132. I am valuable.
133. I ask myself questions like "How can I make this work to my advantage?" rather than questions like "Why did this happen?"
134. Jumping only half-way across the ditch won't get you to the other side.
135. One all-out effort will do more than a hundred half efforts.
136. If I want something, I put everything I have into getting it quickly.
137. I am very focused on attaining my goals.
138. Daydreaming about having more money conditions my mind to attract more money.
139. I know that my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create my reality.
140. I choose to focus on the things I enjoy, knowing that I am manifesting my future experiences.
141. The more I am grateful for the things in my life, the more I will have to be grateful for.
142. The more I love the things I see, the more I will see the things I love.
143. The more people I can serve, the more money I can make.
144. Serving only a few people is the path to poverty.
145. I seek to create things that can be easily duplicated and sold for a good profit.
146. The best opportunities are the ones others are afraid to go after.
147. With enough help, I can handle anything.
148. The things that frighten me are not as bad as I think they are.
149. I have more ability than I realize.
150. I am a strong and capable person.
151. I want to make my mark upon the world.
152. I want to leave the world a better place than what I found.
153. I'd rather do one thing that can help a thousand people than to only help one person at a time.
154. I focus my time and energy on creating prosperity and enjoying life.
155. I refuse to take on other people's projects unless there is some value in it for me.
156. I do not allow others to pressure me into doing something I'd rather not do.
157. I refuse to feel guilty because someone wants something that I do not want to give them.
158. I have no problem saying 'no' to anyone.
159. I can get more done when I am working with a proven system.
160. I prefer to operate with systems in place so that everything is organized and I can be productive.
161. The best businesses are those that take care of themselves.
162. The best way to make money is to find a large group of people with a definite need and provide that need profitably.
163. The best people to sell a new product to are customers who have already purchased similar products.
164. Wealth is created by solving problems.

You may have to spend some time to think about the implications of what some of these beliefs really mean. There is a lot of information here, too much to fully explain in this note. I encourage you to expand your education as far as you can.


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