Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Meaning of a Spiritual Name

This will be my first blog entry. In my blog I plan to talk about spiritual search and practice, sacred geometry, esoteric and healing work, or other forms of personal development.  I never tried blogging in the past, but I feel that the moment is correct. I need to work on making sure I am putting all information that readers will need to create a good blog. So I will start by explaining the meaning of my (esoteric) name.

What's in a name? People involved in “the way” may change their name to reflect a rebirth and a decision to center them self’s. Often folks involve in this activities have two names: the name given to them by their parents and a spiritual name that they or their teachers have chosen to reflect a new spiritual path. It may be confusing to outsiders who aren't part of the tradition, but spiritual names have deep meaning and significance to those who are renamed.
What is a Spiritual Name? Some spiritual names are traditional to certain world religions or faiths, while others are made up words or syllables that have meaning only to the person being named. A spiritual name is usually a single name given by a guru, teacher, instructor or elder as part of a ritual, though in some spiritual traditions the name is chosen by the individual.

Many gurus often tell students that the name helps spiritual seekers to find themselves and stay close to their spiritual path. "You become identified with it," said Amma in a 2006 question-and-answer session, "and it reminds you of your true self. If you are focused on it, the name can really help you to realize your true nature."

The Meaning of a Name? Anyone schooled in languages or who has needed to find the perfect name for a pet, a baby, or a literary character knows just how much meaning there is in a name. Most modern names have forgotten meanings that trace back to dead and ancient languages. Numerology buffs knows that the letters of a name add up to numbers whose significance can be calculated; not to mention the meaning that the syllables of a name have when the frequency of sound waves are examined.

Every name – whether it was chosen by parents, a teacher, or oneself – has meaning on many levels, so choosing a spiritual name should not be taken on lightly.

Spiritual Rebirth and the Changing of a Name? Many people choose to take a spiritual name as a token of their commitment to a new path. Others use the name to remind themselves of changes they would like to make and of who they want to become in the rest of their lives.

"Just by getting a name, you won't change," says Amma. "The change has to happen from within." She has also told devotees that "taking a name from a Guru is like taking a new birth." The spiritual name helps people to transcend the ego and let go of things they might be holding on to from earlier in their lives – but it's a conscious choice that must be upheld in every way, not just by using a new name. Whether a person chooses to change surname or just her first name, the decision to take a spiritual name is a profound one that can affect a person's spiritual practice and other aspects of his or her life.

The meaning of my spiritual name (Vidvan) has its origin in the ancient India is originates from the Sanskrit: vidvān — a person that is in a journey; advanced in spiritual knowledge; so-called learned philosophers. The name was given to me (by one of my pathfinders) for that I am forever grateful… thanks.

Vidvan :.

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  1. Osho give a new name to his sannyansins because it was the key moment were the disciple break with the old totally and become pure. He will No carry any baggage no cultural, social or family expectation has to be fulfill. He is a new individual and from that moment on he will construct a his life.