Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Higher Consciousness: The Real Objective of Freemasonry

As I promise on my first post this blog will not be your typical “Fraternal Parrot Blog”… We live in very defining moments… the veil is down; the sun is about to set in place… the setting energies are in work… are we working on our temple? For the typical “Joe” these words are in a different language… But for the students of the Craft they are plain and clear.

Many are the reason why we join the craft… but only one is the objective of her existence. Freemasonry as we know it today is the greater esoteric compendium (Gnosis) of ancient wisdoms passed on to us by “higher intelligence”... many generations have found and used her advice and have awaken to the sweet light of the great Geometrician. This process is calling for the empowerment of each and everyone of our center (Human Soul). So, yes I said it the purpose of Freemasonry is to train the soul, to eliminate the “Ego” and to arrive at a higher plane of consciousness.

For you Mystic Mason interested in achieving a higher plane of consciousness you can start by checking out Brother Robert Lomas new book, “The secret science of Masonic initiation”. ISBN: 978-1-57863-4903. I said a higher level because even when you are not aware and do not know it yet... your soul does! How do you think that you arrive at the light... by your self... please... by taking the degrees of the craft your soul already achieves a significant level of consciousness. Yes, yes, but you can only achive the full potential and benefits of initiation when you work and follow the ancient ways.

Our inner self (soul) originated and emanated from the same thought; from the same source and by the same higher intelligence we constantly improve and obtain our consciousness. If only we really can understand that we are the true heirs to one of the oldest if not the oldest valuable initiatic system! The craft is veil and charged with many and all the universal truths. In the past these truths have guided the evolution of humanity, today they are more active than ever and minute by minute we are moved by her higher frequencies. Our ritual is replete with higher teachings and spiritual credos… yes, shrouded by symbolisms and metaphors that we use in combination with working tools to exhume our higher self from the chains of ignorance and darkness, but we need to reinstate it to the light of higher consciousness. Freemasonry is indeed a system guiding humanity not only its members closer to the sublime and sacred.

The knoledge embodied in our rituals are a reflection for the real life initiations that we need to undertake if we desire our Self-Realization. The mystical (hidden) equivalent of our three degrees relate to the essential parts of man consisting of the body, the mind and the spirit (center).

The first degree accentuates the physical and its objective is 'from darkness to light'. It is symbolized the birth. By the rough ashlars and the working tools are those implements needed to carve the ill-defined stones brought to light from the darkness of the quarries. The consciousness of the first degree is at the level of animal instinct and its pillar represents physical strength and is capped with the terrestrial globe.

The second degree symbolized the development of the human body and it stresses the faculties of the mind and its objective is ‘from ignorance to knowledge’. It is symbolized by the smooth ashlars and the working tools are designed to perfect and prove the stone by cutting its remaining rough edges. The consciousness of this degree is at the level of intellect. Its pillar represents wisdom and is crowned with the celestial globe.

In the third degree the emphasis is on spirit and the objective is to kill for once and for all the entire Ego”… and by doing so building the Temple, not made with human hands, but in eternal planes! Its symbol is the blazing star (Tetragrammaton), its consciousness is at the level of intuition, the voice of Nature, and its pillar is that of Beauty that depends on balance and harmony. The objectives of the three degrees – illumination through the search for light, wisdom through the increase in knowledge, and transformation through the process of death and rebirth – portray the story of the evolution of human consciousness leading ultimately to his enlightenment.

Sadly, I observed that most of our brethrens simply ignored or failed to see the deeper aspects of our society… PLEASE STOP CALLING IT A FRATERNITY. For them modern freemasonry is just an fraternal association of good men bounded by common aspirations of morality, charity and brotherhood which for me is just a single dimensional view of what our order is really all about.

Only if the brethrens could pierce what’s is really behind the veil of our mysteries as embodied in our rituals... then they could understand that the true spirit of freemasonry is not simply confined to the four walls of the temple or lodges but inside of them as parts of the Elohim's (GOD).

May our higher's self guide us through our daily journey in the search of light.

Vidvan :.

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